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Hello my Corsica Family! Your new digs sound pretty fancy.... and just my opinion pink and green would be splendid together... Miss you tons. Hope you get settled in and can blog more...

Love ya!



School starts Tuesday. We had our staff retreat last week at Manning Park. It was sweet, but Engbers and I were walking and we were actually talking about you, saying how we were going to miss you in the staff room and how you just "got" teenagers. Anyways, I know it's too late to bring you back, but just thougth I'd pass on some encouragement and we will keep you in our prayers.


Happy Home Warming! I am so happy that you arrived in Corsica safely. Even though you are still quite far away from me, it's somehow comforting to think that we are on the same continent again! I agree with Heidi, green toilet paper would go splendidly with your pink bathroom. hehe Perhaps I can find some of that beauty green paper for you since we are so close to Russia ourselves. Maybe I'll mail you some for Christmas! haha
((hugs)) Welcome home!


Hey missy! Glad to know that you have arrived and are settling in...wanna come back to visit me yet?? Mmmmmmmmmmmmm cheese :) ;)


hi heidi! hey jess, i think you should come visit here! dawn...hopefully we will visit you at new year's.

and matt. wow. i was really touched when i read your comment. you guys are definitly not forgotten by me. it was really hard for me to think about school starting without me and life just going on. i didn't think that i would miss FVC so much, but i really do. and pam tells me that my presence is missed in the staffroom too. i'll have to think of something :) oh, and when is your baby due?

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