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The joys of Corsica! I am beginning to think that you are already becoming a native my dear!


um no, jess. i have the wrong hair color. i'm too tall. i speak french with a hideous american accent. i can only speak about 3 words of corse. i don't like to cook rabbit or duck or wild pig, at least not yet. i don't drive like a maniac, passing on corners. i only like 3-4 kinds of cheese, not 34. i eat yogurt as a snack, not a dessert. i don't say "bof" when something is stupid. etc, etc. i'm sure i could go on and on. and i'm sure that some of these things will come true in the coming months. freaky.


You could be truly frightening by the next time I see you (Just so you don't forget some of your canadian slang)


It DOES look like Ardeche! (Except we have goats instead of cows, which move faster and will likely do less damage to oyur car.)


I did not ever think I'd say this, but those cows are really pretty. Seriously.


they are kinda purty, shiz. and even with the fierce looking horns, they seem pretty lazy and dumb, just like regular cows.

justin m

what makes you a nerd is that you think it's common knowledge Napolean came from Corisca. I was thinking, "Who the hells Napolean?"

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