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That's awesome. I could probably write some of the same things about living in Japan. I've been amazed at how living in another country has really made me learn about myself. I feel like I've been stretched and pulled in every way and I've survived!


You mean there is "weather" in other parts of France besides Paris's kind?... It being the rainy weather capital of the world?

Seriously, when I moved from Sunny Calgary to this place, I must have been doing it for love. Arrggh.


I am totally jealous of your guy's adventure there! I would love to live in a different country like you guys are doing!

Betty C.

It's interesting to read your negative comments about France. I used to feel all of those things, but feel things have gotten better. Is it just getting used to them, or have things really changed (I've been here for 17 years...)

For example, on the shopping front, I feel there is a lot of "cheap junk" available now. In 1990, I missed "cheap junk!"

A lot of things have changed. I have a Canadian friend who also started her French life in Corsica, and is in Aveyron now. Good luck to you!


cara, i found your blog a while back but i don't think i've commented but your list has forced me out of hiding because i totally agree with you. the french are not socially forward people. i've never had one french person "initate" a conversation with me "just because," while americans seem totally okay with telling strangers their life stories while standing in the checkout line. also, the SHOPPING. AH! i miss VARIETY. especially our massive aisles for cereal. ice cream. frozen dinners. fruits & veggies. so yes, i agree with you on all your points. although at least corsica offers gorgeous scenary...

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