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Polar bear? Me no know.

Close call with the old "friend." Brrrr.


And what on earth did that girl THINK transmogrify meant? Poor, dumb girl. Tee hee.


mmm. polar bear. basically it was a hot chocolate with peppermint schnaaps and whip cream. so, so, so good after sitting outside, at night, for over and hour and a half.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! RUN AWAY!! DRIVE AWAY!! MAKE HASTE!! On second thought next time just side-swipe her into oncoming traffic. :-)

mom was a wonderful time we had with you as well sweet cara! (your little bro earned player of the week for that game.) you can have your polar bear - i will have another viva diva and then we will work on finite math!


MMMMM ... had me a Belini last night, a yummy-yum-yum Belini.

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