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Ew. Thanks.

I hate celery, too, especially COOKED. Bah. In sauces or whatever. But I may be inclined to eat some if it's really a health thing. Better than this:


I like celery! but only with peanut butter. I don't think I have ever taken the time to smell it.... funny!


I can't believe I finally found other people who hate celery as much as I do!

Whenever I eat celery (always by accident), I immediately have to throw up. It's weird. I've looked everywhere for info on a possible allergy or bad food reaction, but can't find any. Help!


celery is awfull it appears fine untill i bite it, then my mouth is sprayed with a combination of disgusting awfull smells which turn my stomach, which makes me feel very dizzy. i read celery has powerfull pheromone properties.
is everyone here male


Finally, a group of like minded intelligent individuals who KNOW that celery is the devil's vegetable. i never realized how much i hated celery until i moved away from my parents house for the first time and realized that i NO LONGER had to eat them, or touch them, or see them, or smell them ever again in my life... until i married my husband...who unfortunately loves celery... this just might be the cause of our marriage ending... ha ha ha


I hate it, cant stand it, and b/c of this, I m not going to waste another moment writing about it.


Celery is horrible! The taste makes me angry. What a way to ruin a tuna sandwich, sneaking celery in it....gross.


Celery is evil.


I have to work next to a guy who loves eating the stuff. I've tried to explain to him that it is the gayest of all vegetables but he won't listen.


God I hate celery. it is my ultimate pet hate. It smells so bad and you can smell it a mile away. The smell sticks to the walls and everything and it takes days to get rid of it. i HATE IT SO MUCH! You people are my idol to hate celery as much as i do. I personally think celery isn't really a food, it is actually mistakenly thought to be edible, maybe even an alien plant accidentally grown on the planet to piss people like me off. Celery should belong in hell.

PS: To the vomit guy, there is actually a common allergic reaction in celery. Look up celery in Wikipedia. Apparently it has negative calories.


it tastes like it smells and it smells like shit. i wonder how the person who dsscovered it didnt think they were being poisened.


i too have been searching for a reason for my intense dislike of celery, but have never found one that is satisfying. maybe the mysteries of human tastes are better left undiscovered.

i will say this though, i can taste just the tiniest bit in foods. even the use of celery salt will ruin a barbecue sauce.

i like almost everything but celery is simply awful. i'm glad i have some comrades.


celery is one of my most hated foods. i cant stand to look at it, smell it, or hear the crunch of someone eating it. my friends say it smells like water, but they are way off. the smell makes me want to puke.


EEEWWWW yuck yuck stinky stink bomb celery!! I'm so glad you all agree! People always look at me like I'm crazy when I say I can smell celery. And then when I bite into, I can TASTE that nasty smell. ::shudder:: celery is awful, horrible, rotten, smelly, atrocious!


Yes! Finally other people who feel the same way I do about celery. Everyone I know says that it tastes like nothing. Rubbish! The worst is bitting into an unexpected chunk of the foul stuff. I immediately have to spit out whatever I'm chewing to get rid of it.


Yippee!! My MIL just doesn't get how much I hate celery. She made some stock with it in and cooked up some couscous in it. I was ill for 2 days. It is truly the devil's food. I hate it with a passion. How can something so obnoxious have made it into the human diet? It makes no sense!


i agree, how can something that is 90% water taste like WOOD?!?!

its only good when i actually cannot taste it... like in soups and stuff


I've always liked celery until this August. I had some with carrots and a few hours later had pains like labor pains. I think it was an intestinal thing. That's all that happened, waves of pain off and on for several, long hours. I'm just now searching for what gives with this. I'll start with pheromones as mentioned above.

This is very weird.


I'm also in the celery hating club. Most people can't understand it - they say it barely has a taste!! Well, I found (and subequently lost) the answer as to why I find it so vile-tasting. Many years ago, someone gave me an article, possibly from some kind of science journal or textbook. This article explained that there is a chemical compound in celery that only a small percentage of the population can detect - in the most minute amount. Then, within that small percentage, there is an even smaller percentage of people who find the taste nasty. I kept that article in my wallet for years to show people who didn't get my celery aversion. Unfortunately, I lost the article when I lost my wallet. I've been searching for that info ever since. BTW, if I recall correctly, this chemical is also found in swine urine and underarm sweat. Maybe someone in the science world knows about this??

The League for the Suppression of Celery

Wow, I hit the motherlode by finding this page. I AM SO HAPPY. I am a rabid celery hater, have been for years ever since it made me puke as a child. I get sick at the very smell of it and can taste a tiny bit of celery seed in dressings and celery salt used for seasonings. It permeates anything it's near.

I try not to let it even come into the house because if anyone cuts it up in the kitchen and I smell it makes me gag. Bleck.

To the person who mentioned the sweat compound... I think what you are talking about is "androsterone".

I hope all of you will come check out the web site for the


I absolutely LOVE celery!
Miss you, Cara.


Celery smell and taste like despair! Shoot I ain't finna eat dat mess unless it up in some chitlin or sumpin cuz dat shit STANK!!


I be stuk a celery shoot in my assho', and it sho' is feel delight.


Finally, I've found a group of sane people who know that celery is the most obnoxious "food" in existence. I have been wondering if it's just me, as everyone seems to say "Oh, it has such a mild taste". Even the smell from across the table, makes me feel nauseous.

So let's see if there is a common thread. If you don't like celery, what else do you not like? To me curly leaf parsley is vile, and olives are pretty objectionable.

Leslie Malone

Yeah yeah yeah! I am vindicated!!
I f'n HATE celery...I can't even stand to look at it. Makes me want to vomit. Can smell it a mile away..
Started a link on Facebook if you are a member. Please join!!!

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