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I just made a juice in a juicer and added celery. I almost vomited. OMG, I hate it! I can still smell it. I also hate KIWI, penut butter and olives.


Celery is the most vial food on the planet. Fortunately, I never have to eat it because I can smell it from across the room, so I don't accidentally bite into a piece in a salad. The smallest amount of celery salt or celery seed in any dish ruins the entire meal. I can never order soup when I go to a restaurant, because they always seem to have celery in it. My aversion is so strong that I will not allow my wife to have celery in the house. If there is celery in the refrigerator it contaminates all the other food, making everything inedible.

On a side note, the rewritable CDs at work smell like celery too. I know they are make from organic material, so whatever chemical is in celery is likely in the manufacture of those CDs.


This has to be one of the most satisfying message boards I have EVER seen on the world wide web in all my days! Now if I could just recruit the same kind of people in a rally against bell peppers...oh what chaos we could create!!! I beg you to try to find one cold salad recipe, be it tuna, chicken, pasta, or otherwise that doesn't call for the bastard "vegetables" celery or bell peppers!! GrRrR!!! Damn the nasties, damn them to hell!!

Simon Smartie

Count me in too! Celery makes me want to vomit, I tried to eat it to be heathy, before I bit into it the atrocious smell almost made me vomit but I kept going until I ate half a stick and was close to puking, I had to eat a chocolate bar just to remove the vile taste but I could still taste it and my stomach was upset for hours, it smells disgusting, it looks disgusting, it rips in half disgustingly will little vines sticking out & it is purly the worst tasting thing that I have ever tried to eat, I feel at home here, the one place where we can all rant about this disgraceful excuse for food, It is just as bad as eating a garden dandelion and trust me they are sickening also (I have picked dandelions and placed my unwashed hands in my mouth at some point in my life, this is why I know what a garden dandelion tastes like), thank you everyone for giving me a place to rant my pure hatred for this evil veg!


oh my GOSH.
Celery is the most disgusting thing i've ever had in my whole entire life...
I can smell it SO far away and people say 'oh it doesn't have a smell' But it's disgusting I hate the smell, I hate everything about it. I hate the taste. I find something that looks delicious but find disgusting chunks of celery and I throw up.


wow! there truly IS a support group for everything! I hate celery... with a passion. It's just way too overpowering, like it bullies all the other ingredients into submission. Gak.

So Calone

I can't believe I am not alone in my hatred of celery. I wish I liked it but it makes me gag. I can't even take the smell of it. Even celery salt makes me ill. I thought no one in the world had this hatred. I am so glad that I am not alone. Does anyone know how difficult it is to find a tuna fish sandwich (my favorite) without celery??? I have to sit there and pick out all the pieces. People stare at me in disbelief when I say "I'm allergic to celery."


This is so awesome, I hate celery too!!! It's a foul tasting and smelling devil stick and it also costs you more energy than it gives... would you fill your Gas tank with sawdust? NO! Then don't eat Celery! :DDD


I'm currently forcing myself to eat celery because it is a "healthy" snack but honestly it's the worst thing i could possibly be eating right now. I HATE CELERY! It looks dumb and tastes well... like poison that is slowly killing me off in a very sad way.

Richard newtron

My parents put celery in absolutely everything, I cant eat the stuff its sickening, so overpowering! And I have to sit and nitpick it out of virtually every meal, SO FRUSTRATING.

Tanya W

Celery is so vile, I can't believe anyone would willingly eat it! Gives me migraines and smells so bad I want to puke!! Glad there are other people who hate the stuff! Other food ickies: onions (leeks OK, shallots and garlic yummy) cooked green pepper, blah! (hot peppers yummy)

Turk Montana

This is wonderful, even if the last comment is over a year old. I've spent my entire life feeling alone in this, but I'm there with all these comments, you've added a sense of community to my life. I, too, think it is horrible.


I hate the smell of it and can smell it a mile away, too!! If someone had it for lunch or has it in their grocery bag, I can smell it and it makes me want to vomit. I hate it hate it hate it. Everyone always says to me, "Oh, it doesn't have a smell!" Thanks for helping me realize it's not in my head from some early childhood celery trauma.


I like it with peanut butter..but I just can't stand the creeps me out a little bit. but, other than that, it's good.

Becca S

Here are my thoughts.. since celery is a known allergen that can even cause severe anaphylactic shock, I believe that some people (not all) have evolved with a gene that makes celery really bitter and awful tasting. Why I think that... most of my cousins and my brother and sister HATE celery, we all think it tastes really gross and can taste it in ANYTHING, even a tiny amount. I can even taste celery salt in spices. I think the hatred of celery may be somehow genetic.

simon davis

I hate Celery, its vile. i can smell it a mile off. Its the devils own food. why anyone would want to eat it is beyond me, my girlfriend says it tastes like water and is not strong but if any chef wants to put it any dish i am about to eat then i would gladly punch him in the face.

cheslea johnson

i ABSOLUTELY LOVE potato salad, macaroni salad and all salad, but people ALWAYS ruin it with celery, and its unneeded, its nasty and takes up space, puke

Ms. Freudian Slip

Finally, I feel understood! I DETEST celery. It is rancid.
babaroo, I think it would be interesting to read that article...let us know if you find it. Thanks!

Yang Qi

I think it tastes and smells like body odor.

freelance writer

Oh yeah, it is awful! But it is good for health. Everything that is good for us tastes bad


It's so good to find so many people who doesn't like celery!
I was feeling really bad, because everybody I know seems to like it and enjoy the smell. I just can't stand it, if it comes in contact with my food I won't eat it and if someone nearby is having it, I just lose my appetite. The cooked devilish thing called celery is the most disgusting smell I've ever came across! Well, I also can't stand the smell of coffee, irk....


Celery has the most repulsive taste and smell. I agree that only a small percentage of the population can detect the taste and the odor. Nobody understands why I hate it so much and yes...they say it really has no taste. To the person mentioning olives, I have the same feeling...REPULSIVE.

MarRae Boyer

I hate the smell of celery also. I avoid walking by it in the produce section. I could seriously loose my lunch when I smell it. Just Gross !!!! The taste the smell yuk !!!


I can smell celery the moment I walk into a room where it is present or, God forbid, someone is cutting it. Ewww! If I accidentally bite into it I have to spit it out. I've tried, really tried but it's just gross. It smells and tastes acidic to me even since I was a child. I'm a women if anyone was wondering. My husband doesn't care for celery but can't smell it from a mile away like I can though.


I also hate olives but I can't smell them like I can celery. I really don't like field greens either, they taste like dirt smells.

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