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No. It's cute.

Have you ever seen the tv commercial where a man grabs his girlfriend's rear end and starts saying "Who's my chubby girl? Who's my chubby girl?" and then the voice over comments on how we do not think chubbiness on people is cute, so why would we think so on our doggies? It's an ad for diet dog food.

You guessed it, sometimes David grabs my butt and says, "Who's my chubby girl?" He gets away with it, too, because he certainly doesn't seem to think it in a bad way; he just thinks the commercial is funny. I HOPE.


To bring some truth to the discussion:

1. The man rubs (not grabs) her belly (not her backside)
2. The point of the add is "if you need to do this there are better candidates than your wife"
3. The add is for the SPCA, or a shelter/adoption program of the same ilk.
4. I rub your belly when I do it.
5. If you think I am going to clarify the last bit, you're insane. I am not touching that one.

hee hee. Puddin' pops. That's funny.

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