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Oh, that sounds TERRIBLE. I would be weeping bitterly day and night if I were you. Keep a stiff upper lip and by all means, eat more Paprika Pringles.


thanks mary, i can really feel the love oozing from your very pores.
and i AM eating more paprika pringles. them suckers are addicting. i've never really been a bitter weeper...i'm way more of an eater. j'adore manger. good thing i've been going on walks or i wouldn't be able to fit in my 2 foot wide kitchen.


You will not find a handle-less pot at MY house. I hate them. With a passion. I believed for a time, when I was squatting as a long term houseguest with French grannies, that it was their way of trying to get me to leave. It didn't work.

As for the rubbermaid container, I feel your pain. Literally. I won't begin to recount to you my package receiving woes, since you'd probably just get discouraged. I hope it comes quickly.

Hey and if you ever are in Marseille for a decent period of time, like part of a day - do DO let me know. If I'm not working, maybe I can drag hubby down for a blogger-blogger meet-up!


hey, sammy...that would be swell. i always read about everyone else's meet would be cool to have my own. at this point we are still weighing out the options of what will be cheaper. AND we don't even know if our stuff made this last boat or not. we won't know until it arrives. c'est la vie.
same goes for you if you are ever in corsica. i would say anywhere in corisca as it sure isn't that big of a place. but it's a ruggedly handsome place. kind of like harrison ford and almost as old.


I am told that Ardeche, where I live, resembles Corsica. Except for the not being surrounded by water part, it seems rather accurate. Especially when you give it the 'Harrison Ford' description.

Anyhoo, Marseille is just a 2 hour drive and the boy and I have been known to go there on a passing Saturday whim... so do tell me if you guys happen to go. My work schedule is fairly insane at the moment, but if at all possible, it would be fun.

Unless, of course, one if us turns out so be some kind of internet-stalker/psycho-killer.

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