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It's not too bad for you to admit to liking Celine Dion, even the French songs...but when *I* admit to it, people snicker and walk away. It's a guy thing, I suppose.


I, too, must admit that I was (and still am!) a "trekkie".... but really, Cara - Will Riker? that's almost going too far... :) The only Star Trek character that I had a crush on was Tom Paris from Voyager...


I feel so much better now knowing that you are simply more lame than I am.

There are too many things in this post to poke fun at, so I won't even start......


I'm with you on MC Hammer, especiall with those crap-catcher pants. Awesome!!!

Also Milli Vanilli. I mean they had great songs. I don't know why they stopped getting play time once everyone found out they were faking it. It didn't change the sound of the songs that we were grooving to before. Maybe it was because they didn't know who to pay the royalties to.


I think your students would get a kick out of Color Me Badd. :-)

I'll have to dig out my tape and make you a copy.


ok I actually paid money and stole my dad's car to go see MC hammer in that is lame!!!
and LOL at star trek I had a crush on Will Wheaton!! glad you drew the line with Warf!!!


Here's one:

The other day I belted out the song from a Dial soap commercial from at LEAST 15 years ago, probably 20:

Oh and I'm the kind of guy who likes to - Take a shower!
The water on my head is like the - Rain on a flower!
First I do my back,
Then I do my chest,
Don't ask me why but it's the way I feel the best!
The cleaner I am, the better I feel, the easier I can deal with the daaaaay. Thank you.

I also know "O Johnny O" from high school square dancing, which I often sing as well:

First we all jo-in hands and we cirlcle the ring
and then you STOP where you ARE give your honey a swing
You swing that little gal behind you
You swing your o-own and You. Will. Bow. Be-Fore her,
And you allemande left with the co-or-ner gal
ah do-sa-do-o your oooown
Then you all promenade, with that sweet corner maid, singing "O Johnny, O Johnny O!"

I'll take my lame trophy, please.

Oh, and I love "7th Heaven." Even though I also hate it.


PS - I have NEVER once, not EVER, purchased a bar of Dial. THAT's effective marketing.

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