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You're almost caught up!

Natsuki quit nursing all of a sudden one day in June (she was just 10 months). Mercifully she still nursed at night before going to sleep but that only lasted a week and then she was done. I was worried about dehydration but on the fifth day she started drinking a whole bottle of formula and was fine from then on. At first I was really worried but now I am experiencing all the freedom that weaning brings. It's awesome!


Awwww, she gets cuter and cuter with each passing month!

She is going to be 11 months soon right?

Ok....Happy 9, 10, and 11 months little Ayva! =o)


I love how you write out your feelings here about your relationship with your little Ayva, it's so sincere and authentic. Just beautiful. I hope one day to share in the same kind of warmth and happiness...

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