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ha, that is too funny!!! it looks like it's been photoshopped off or something.

Debbie Low

CRAZY! Are all things from Corsica from creepy?
Just joking. ha ha (Yeah, really so funny.)


And those yellow eyes makes it seem even more creepy!

Thoguh he might just have been practising his creepiness for halloween??! :)

Have a nice weekend!


I think all cats are creepy... even with two ears.


I kind of want to rip the other ear just seems lobsided.


Awwwww, but it's still a pretty kitty! =o)


holy cow I didn't even notice that until you wrote that about the ear! freaky! pretty cute that Ayva started barking at it!!!


What a cute one...

I read that you are from Vancouver. I live here and I hate the rain. I'm looking forward to the day we move to Europe... At least there is hope...

Corisca - where my cousins family is. In Porto. Cheers.


Happy Birthday to Ayva! You're probably busy and won't get to post right away but as a Straforelli Family fan I wanted to send our best birthday wishes to Ayva.

Have a great day.

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