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The Husband

I think it's worth mentioning that Papa had the wonderful job of picking off the poo-clumps and hosing his daughter down in the tub. And actually having to *scrub* the poo off her arms and legs and pick it out from behind her nails, while she actually shook and howled the whole time.

Good times were had by all. Let's hope she decides to leave her diaper ON from this point forward. :)


OMG!! I remember when this happened to Doc - it was so bad she took pictures of it! And seriously, I know what you mean about being through the 1st trimester, that would have made it pretty difficult for me too!


Been there, smelt that.... Why is it they always know the worst time to do it, too? Hope even Ayva was put off by the smell and won't do it again!


Wow, always love the poo stories. Glad to hear you are expecting again!


hahaha soooooo glad that stage is over for me....just wait till she does it in the bath with her there is a good time for all!


So So gross, but yes - this seems to be one of the rites of parent hood. Good on you Henri for handling the clean up.'s it all going for you guys? whats new and exciting?


It almost sounds like a perfect metaphor for the French team's effort and results at Euro. Hey, how a 4-1 loss to my team sound? Sounds like they were rolling around in it in their sleep too!


... it's a MUST to have a "poop" story. Both my boys have one - and I intend on sharing it with the world on their wedding day. *GRIN*

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