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Yaaaaaaaah for baby Girls!

I'm so glad that you posted this. it's nice to hear what you're up to, and that comment in and of itself is so sad....which brings me to my next comment which is that I will be connecting with you via e-mail a bit more frequently - sorry for being such a lame ass friend.

Talk (or e-mail) to you soon.

ps. missed you, but loved seeing Henri and Ayva - she's a beauty...she looks so much like you.


Congrats on the baby girl! and I'm (selfishly) hoping that you find your blogging mojo again


Hey Cara! First off, congrats on your baby girl news! So exciting!

Thanks for stopping by my site. I have lost my "blogging mojo" too. I feel bad for not keeping up with everyone's blog, but you know how it is.

Take care and hope to hear more news from you soon! ;o)


I lose my blogging mojo more often then not lately! but good to hear what you are up too! so busy and yeah for another little girl! they are the best!!


Can't wait to see Zelda!
Hope you're doing well.

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