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At least he changed the spelling to Zeena instead of Xena... :) Sounds like everything is going well with pregnancy #2. And I know what you mean about time flying... We celebrated Anneka's first birthday in August and I thought, Did I give birth a whole year ago already? Now she's walking and (baby)talking and growing up way too quickly... hope the last few weeks go smoothly!


Cara, what did you expect when you married him! It's kind of your own fault if you really think about it.

Before Misaki was born we had picked out two names that we really loved and we decided to wait until we saw her little face and see which suited her best. The moment I saw her I knew Misaki was the name for her. Actually I can't even remember the other name now (although I did write it down somewhere).

We'll be praying for you over the next few weeks. I hope everything goes smoothly. FYI: Misaki was born 20 minutes after we arrived at the hospital!


I've been thinking of you.

Hugs hugs hugs.


I actually kind of like Zelda....good luck!


holiday in Tuscany....ahhhh man am I jealous!!!

I am surprised he hasn't suggested Henrietta yet!! or has he???

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When Misaki was born we had selected several names that we totally adored and we chose to hold up until we saw her small face and see which suited her greatest. The instant I saw her I knew Misaki was the name for her. In fact I cannot even recollect the different name now (admitting that I did record it some place).

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