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Looking forward to your news and photos!!!


here's to a quick arrival!! I was never late, can't imagine that frustration!
hope it all goes well for you guys and that when you see your precious little one you'll just know her name!


Oh honey, I feel your pain and I didn't even know it! Still gotta write up my birth story but it turns out FF wasn't one week early, but TWO weeks late!! I wish everyone would have listened when I said it was time for FF to get out two weeks before he was born! :D

poppy fields

Hang in there Cara, only a few more days.


Looking forward to seeing you all soon!
Hopefully that baby decides to hustle up and get out soon!

The other CMS

Baby yet????


You need to say "BABY, GIT OUT OF MAH BELLY!" Keeping fingers and toes crossed, prayers said and you in my thots and hopes! Got a name yet? Maybe she's waiting for you to decide.

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