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Happy birthday Ayva!! She's so pretty!

Oh, and I'm deeply impressed by the Winnie the Pooh cake - does this skill come with parenthood automatically? :)
And I can't believe it's more than two years ago since I started reading your blog and about Ayva being born...


Happy Birthday, Ayva! I can't believe that you are two already! I'm so proud of you and your French skills! Good for you!


Happy Brthday,Sweet Girl. She s getting so big - I can't believe how fast the time has flown by.


Happy Birthday!

That cake is impressive.

I think we might be due around the same time. I'm supposed to go something around Nov. 25th. You?


wow that is some cake!!
Happy Belated Birthday to Ayva! 2 years already!! wow time flies!


... glad you're back. i can begin stalking *grin*.

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Happy Birthday for the cute you have. I wish happy and successful life in everything. I wish all good things for the kid. Nice blog buddy, I like it. I will be back again. From pooh bear coloring pages


Olen erittäin kiinnostunut tällä alalla ja luet tätä postitse Olen tuntenut monia uusia asioita, joita en ole aiemmin tunteneet. Kiitos julkaisemalla tämän suuren artikkeli tästä.

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