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French passports have never been free in France. There has always been some kind of "timbre fiscal" to pay. I know this because I've paid for the kids' passports (and I just verified with a French colleague).

Carte d'identité's on the other hand are free or, at least, they used to be.

So perhaps that was the mix up. There wasn't any payment attached to the passport application and so they thought that the wrong box had been checked.

Ah well. All's well that ends well.

BTW: The Canadian Embassy and I have a love/hate relationship. They love putting me on hold when I call and I hate that.


OK. Your talking about the Canadian Embassy reminded me that I needed to call them and I need to vent about it.

Only in Canada! It is impossible to actually talk to a real person. I had forgotten how the automatic information givers over the telephone used to drive me up the freaking wall when I lived in Canada. At least in France, you can have a real live person from Senegal to talk to if you need to talk to someone about something.

Case in point: I call the Canadian Embassy (just 10 minutes ago) and I tell the guy at the reception desk that I would like to make an appointment to get my birth certificate translated into French. The fellow transfers me to the Consular Service's voice thingy where it takes me on a good 5 minutes roundabout without actually getting a REAL LIVE PERSON. I swear to god, I HATE the Consular's voice thingy. It takes FOREVER!

I hang up. I call back. I tell the guy that he had put me through to an automatic thing and that what I wanted was a REAL LIVE PERSON to make an appointment with.

He gives me the direct number and then mentions that I can only call in the mornings between 9:30 and 11:30.

And I think GAH! Why didn't he tell me that they didn't take calls in the afternoon when I called the first time? Why?


Sorry about venting on your blog, but it just fit your blog post somehow. Or maybe I'm delusional.



Hey Jenn - Previously, if you were under 15, you did not have to pay for a passport. Sarko passed a new law though and now you do have to pay as well as pay more for adult passports.,,4109729,00-inflation-de-50-sur-le-prix-du-passeport-.html

And yeah, the CDN Embassy has crazy hours of availability. We should all be able to work those hours. Were you able to get through and make an appointment? I could ask Henri for that helpful chick's number if you want. Not sure she works in that dept., but she could maybe hook you up somehow.

By the way, you can vent on my blog anytime!


Hmm. I must have been between laws because I'm sure that I've paid for the kids passports in 1999 and 2000 and then again when Kilian's was renewed.


I did manage to get through this morning. Yay! I have my appointment. Woot!


oh how totally frustrating! we had to reschedule our plans to take the girls to Disneyland cuz we discovered a little while ago that Emily's birthcertificate is wrong! it took us 9 1/2 years to realize that it said Male!! the Dr filled out the forms wrong, so I had inquired to get it corrected and about 6 months later I FINALLY got her corrected b/c this week! so now I can finally get us all passports, oh the joy, hopefully that goes smoothly!!!


Oh this so reminds me of the time they screwed up my carte de sejour, shortening it by 6 months. When I told them and asked them WTF, the lady told me it wasn't her job and that I should call and make an appointment to ask someone what to do. This after 3 months of of meetings, phone calls, running all over Paris and selling my soul to the dark one.


Not fun, eh? It was so nice to see you guys. Love to you all.


Oh, man! That stinks... what's sad is that I don't even have a passport. Your kids are much more worldly then I am already.... and Livia is what, 4 months old?


Know how much they cost and the services.

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