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I just read that there was a major earthquake there guys ok? did you feel it?


Yay! You're coming to Canada. and U2? That's awesome.


Going to U2 at B.C. Place on October 28! Can not wait. Moved into the new school building on Thursday...and have a good Easter.

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Oh Ireland is such a lovely country. I am sure you will enjoy every minute there.


Hi Cara! Northern Ireland, between Ballycastle and the Giant's Causeway, is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. We weren't so impressed with Belfast, but we had a bad hostel experience. Melanie

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hi cara,
just discovered your blog,delighted to see you are coming to ireland, dont forget the southern end of the country!i live in cork southern ireland,and you could visit Blarney castle and town, Cobh where the titanic sailed from on its ill-fated voyage,beautiful scenic west cork, and of course Kerry!my son and daughter are also going to see U2 in Dublin in July.Enjoy!

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Ireland is a lovely country and i love the landscape over there.

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Cara, Your post is really splendid and the landscape is just too tempting. I would love to know more about Ireland. Share your experiences in the upcoming posts. Thanks


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Some of our tail-end summer plans got canceled (hopefully we can reschedule for another time) and so we had some time to play with and I suggested that we finally do Ireland and Henri agreed.


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Hi-- I'm a writer in Colorado, writing a novel that takes place in the 70's-- my character and her husband have fought against the Mafia in southern Italy and take refuge on Corsica only to encounter some intrigue there. I was there in 73-- very intrigued to have found someone who lives on Corsica now. I blog at xx Jenne'

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